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2013-06 June - Brooklyn Magazine

2013-06 June - Brooklyn Magazine

Summer 2013: Brooklyn's Best BBQ, June 10, 2013.

Brooklyn's Best BBQ by Brooklyn Magazine -June 10, 2013

Why do we eat barbecue in the summer? There’s something slightly perverse about consuming meat that has been smoked and cooked for hours during a season when the air around us already feels as hot and sticky as any barbecue glaze, making us feel like we’ve been cooking ourselves. And yet there is no food in which we’d rather indulge during the summer, nothing we’d rather sink our teeth into than a rib whose meat shreds off the bone with the slightest bit of pressure. Nothing tempts us more. Here, some of Brooklyn’s finest BBQ is featured with model and actress Byrdie Bell. In Bell’s latest work, And After All—a short film by Julian Ungano and Tommy Agriodimas— she plays Lux, a character who is temptation personified. And what is more tempting than subverting the norms, by eating or doing something wrong, just because it feels right. All photos by Mara Corsino; production + food styling by Lauren Shaefer for Production-11.

White Bike Ceramics Tabbed Dinner Plate with Briskettown food.

White Bike Ceramics Tabbed Dinner Plate from Abode New York with Briskettown BBQ.
White Bike Ceramics Tabbed Dinner Plate by Lauren Adams

Gourmet Trio Plate by Jean-Marc Gady with Fette Sau BBQ.

Jean-Marc Gady Gourmet Trio Plate from Abode New York with Fette Sau BBQ
Gourmet Trio Plate is a serving platter composed of three porcelain plates of different sizes. The plates appear joined together to form a whole, creating a new tableware concept. The range of sizes suggests different ways to appreciate the courses of a meal.

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