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2016-12 December - Animal Medical Center: Pet Holiday Gifts

2016-12 December - Animal Medical Center: Pet Holiday Gifts

Every holiday season for the past several years, Ann Hohenhaus has amalgamated a list of interesting gift ideas with pets and their families in mind. Given the Animal Medical Center’s focus on pet health, this list always has a decidedly health-related slant. Most of the gifts help address healthcare issues AMC veterinarians see on a daily basis. And a big thanks to petrendologist Charlotte Reed for alerting AMC to some of these products.

Magisso products appear in both the cat and dog gift lists, but for different reasons. The stylish slow feed bowl looks great in your kitchen, but for dogs who gulp their food down, causing gastrointestinal distress, this bowl is a must have.  Many veterinarians recommend a slow feed bowl to promote satiety as part of a weight loss plan or in dogs with a history of bloat.


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