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2009-04 April - Isak Blogspot: Chalet and Abode New York

2009-04 April - Isak Blogspot: Chalet and Abode New York

Chalet & Abode New York, April 06, 2009.

ISAK Co. UK newest stock lists: Chalet and Abode New York

Welcome to the latest members of ISAK stock lists. Chalet in Bakewell is a beautiful, hidden gem of a shop. A lovely collection of interior specialties, mainly sourced from France and Scandinavia.

Blossom and Bill collection by Sandra Isaksson for ISAK Co. UK.

Rustic, homely and quirky. If you are taking a trip to Derbyshire, be sure to pop in and see Lou and browse her collection at 1 Kings Court, Kings Street.

ISAK Co. UK products by Sandra Isaksson

On the other side of the pond our “special relationship” with the USA is growing with our first stock list in New York. Tony & Brian run Abode-New York in Brooklyn.

They aim to stock "unique and contemporary home furnishings for the urban dweller."

If you are planning to take a bite of The Big Apple, drop by, say hi and find some NY style to take home with you.

Abode New York with ISAK Co. UK products on display, ca. 2009.

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