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Tsuki Usagi Jirushi Slim Mug Collection

Tsuki Usagi (Moon Rabbit) Jirushi Slim Mug

Tsuki Usagi (Moon Rabbit) Jirushi Slim Mug is crafted from a durable metal base, coated with a thick, lustrous layer of glass-like enamel.  As well as being tough, light and easy to clean, enamelware is totally free from the odd tastes and odors that you sometimes get from metal products.  Immensely popular in Japan in both households and cafes, we're proud to introduce this cheerfully stylish, Moon Rabbit mug to the American market.

Tsuki Usagi (Moon Rabbit) Jirushi Slim Mugs

Enamelware is superior in maintaining heat and preserving the taste of pure water. The ceramic surface does not have any metallic ions as in stainless steel which can alter the taste of water inside.  Enamel coated metal is more sanitary comparing to metallic surfaces.  The hard-to-scratch surface can keep clean better than uncoated metal products, where germs have no place to hide.

Tsuki Usagi (Moon Rabbit) Jirushi enamelware collection
Tsuki Usagi (Moon Rabbit) Jirushi Slim Mug
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