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Porcelaines Bousquet Vase and Flower Frog Collection by Louise Bousquet


Porcelain Vase and Flower Frog make floral arrangements easy and beautiful, even with only three flowers. Holes in the frog hold the stems in place for arranging of the flowers. 

Louise Bousquet set up her first pottery studio in 1975. Her goal: to create something white. Louise has practiced her craft with a passion for 30 years, innovating as she boldly pursues her quest for whiteness. Her fine wheel-throwing and the harmony form and function found in her pieces soon attracted a clientele who has remained very loyal.

Her determination and her quest for white porcelain took her all the way to Limoges, France, in 1998. There she studied the industrial process and materials involved in making fine porcelain and adopted them to her craft in her own way. It was also there that she met Guy Meynard, porcelain and mold maker, who has been instilling the spirit of porcelain in her ever since. With Guy and her spouse François Godier, "fine technical thinker," Louise founded Porcelaines Bousquet Inc. in 2002 and in the summer of 2003 production began of pieces signed Porcelaines Bousquet crafted according to the finest standards of porcelain-making.

Made in Quebec, Canada.


  • Dimension: 20cm / 8" (approx.) height. 
  • Material: porcelain. 
  • Care: hand wash.
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