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Inside Out Wood Trivet Collection

$30.00 $30.00

Decorate your table and protect the tablecloth with Inside Out trivets made of birch plywood. They have great heat resistance. Blending practicality with aesthetics, the collection features objects made of solid, natural materials and draw their playfulness and charm from the continuous, winding line their design is based upon, which transforms both the product and its surroundings.

  • Inside Out collection of wood trivets
  • Model G set is composed of two (2) heart-shaped trivets
  • Waterdrops is four-in-one wood trivet set
  • Material: 3/8″ Birch plywood
  • Made In Canada

Decorate your table and protect the tablecloth with these trivets made of birch plywood.  They have great heat resistance.  TOMA Objects' INSIDE OUT Collection revisits everyday objects in our lives, giving a new twist to the rituals of our existence.  This collection brings blends practicality with aesthetics.  INSIDE OUT features objects made of solid, natural materials, and draw their playfulness and charm from the continuous, winding line.

With TOMA, design takes leave of luxury and takes hold of daily living with a dash of humor and a hint of cunning.  With pure lines to please the eye and messages conceived to engage the mind, each creation finds its natural place in the daily ritual of our existence.  All TOMA objects display the “made in Montreal” label and adhere to the green philosophy, using recycled or recyclable materials.

TOMA is a Montreal-based creative studio that strives to enhance daily living through humor and wit. Fusing form with functionality, TOMA’s urban objects have a playful, graphical tone. Created by graphic designers, the object’s design elements coherently find their way right into the presentation and packaging.

Creator, designer and art director Anne Thomas founded Thomas design in 1990—a studio that combines graphic arts and consulting services to produce visual solutions for businesses. It was a short step from communication by object to objects that communicate, one that Anne took in 2006 when she launched the TOMA collection.  Showing her knack for combining materials and spatial volumes, she and her design team reinterpret our daily rituals by creating urban, environment-friendly objects that are both elegant and playful.

As featured in Boston Home magazine's Fall 2015 Preview "A Perfect Ten: The Utilitarian Table Trivet Doubles as Modern Art."

Boston Magazine

9. Inside Out Model A wood trivet by TOMA Object.