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David Mellor Design Minimal Stainless Steel


David Mellor Design Minimal Stainless Steel cutlery is a master metalworker’s design for modern living. Designed in 2002, its aesthetic purity has made it a firm favorite with designers, architects and design enthusiasts.

David Mellor Design Minimal Stainless Steel Cutlery Collection

The five-piece minimalist set consists of an all-purpose knife and fork and three versatile and beautiful spoons. The taper ground steel knife is especially innovative in its one-piece flowing form. A larger serving/salad spoon is also available.

DAVID MELLOR CUTLERY Minimal stainless steel five-piece cutlery place setting

The sculptural shaping and the weight of the satin polished metal give this cutlery a very sophisticated and luxurious feel.

David Mellor Design Minimal Stainless Steel soup spoon, table fork and table knife.

Satin finish. Knife blades are made from high carbon stainless steel for a superior cutting edge.

David Mellor sketch for Minimal Stainless Steel cutlery 


"In almost fifty years of cutlery design (yes, Pride was first produced in 1953) I have been hoping one day to arrive at the absolute minimal set made to the finest possible standards — a sort of minimal de luxe.  I took as the starting point the ultimate flat knife which I considered to be functionally viable.  The flat form was then developed in the fork and three spoons, designed ergonomically to cover all requirements; a capacious soup/serving spoon, middle-size dessert spoon and smaller tea/coffee spoon."

—David Mellor as told to John Sorrell, Creative Island: Inspired Design from Great Britain (Te Neues Publishing Company, 2002)

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