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Toyo-Sasaki Glass HS Platinum Fino Stackable Tumblers


Toyo-Sasaki Glass FINO is a stackable glass for easy storage while its top is thin and smooth. TSG's ion strong technique applied on the overall surface achieves the durability needed in stacking. The larger but simple mouth design is intended for use of various kinds of drinks in modern diversified dining scenes, allowing users both at home and at restaurants to arrange, to pour drinks comfortably and to wash the glass easily. All items from this collection were bestowed the 2017 "GOOD DESIGN AWARD" and two tumblers received the "GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD."

Toyo-Sasaki Glass FINO STACK Tumbler B-21126CS and B-21127CS
2017 Good Design Gold Award for TSG Fino Stack Tumbler Collection

Fino Stackable Tumblers have TSG Hard Strong Platinum, full surface ion toughening process, which makes this glassware collection durable and scratch resistant. Suitable for thinner glasses, HS Platinum is a proprietary method of toughening by generating compressive stress on the entire surface of the glass by chemical treatment. These tumblers also have cold-cutting, sheer rim finishing.

Toyo-Sasaki Glass FINO STACK Tumblers B-21126CS and B-21127CS
  • 2017 Good Design Gold Award recipient
  • HS Platinum full surface ion toughening
  • CC Finish (cold-cutting sheer rim finishing)
  • Stackable; dishwasher safe
  • Tumbler B-2116CS capacity: 390ml / 13 fl.oz.; dim. - 80mm / 3-1/8" diameter; 96mm / 3-3/4" height
  • Tumbler B-21127CS capacity: 315ml / 10.5 fl.oz.; dim. - 82mm / 3-1/4" diameter; 75mm / 3" height

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