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Rosendahl Pouring, Aerating and Decanting Stopper

Rosendahl Pourer, Decanter and Stopper aerates the wine, expanding its surface area to develop the taste. The pourer stopper was designed by designer and wine expert Tom Nybroe. The long reach of the wine pourer is evenly proportioned; combined with the decanting function, it allows the bouquet of the wine to really come into its own, giving you the best aromatic experience at each pouring. The length and the holes in the pourer stopper are carefully aligned to allow optimum aeration and bring out the character of the wine. The pourer stopper also prevents the bottle from dripping when pouring the wine. A superb father’s day gift or, combined with a good bottle of wine, a gift to your host.
Rosendahl Pourer, Aerator & Decanter 25046. The pourer stopper also prevents the bottle from dripping when pouring the wine.
  • Material:  stainless steel and black nylon.
  • Dimensions: 0.25 cm diameter; 24 cm length; 2.4 cm width
  • Please note: hand wash; not dishwasher safe.

Tom Nybroe

Advertising executive, graphic designer, wine enthusiast, wine importer and designer. Tom Nybroe has many job descriptions in his portfolio, but common to them all is the perfectionism that characterizes his work. The world of wine has always fascinated Tom Nybroe who has worked with wine in the capacity of speaker, organizer of wine tastings and partner in the wine import company World of Wine for many years. Based on thorough research among professional sommeliers and wine producers from all over the world, and his own desire to give the market a range of glasses that take the handling of the wine into account, Tom Nybroe put pen to paper to create the Perfection range for Holmegaard and this pourer/stopper for Rosendahl. 

Designer and wine expert Tom Nybroe for Rosendahl.


Ever since 1984, the Rosendahl Copenhagen brand has been associated with practical, clean-cut design at a reasonable price.  The company's design philosophy is to create design products that become accessible utility items not reserved for special occasions only.  Rosendahl wants its products to become an integral part of a more beautiful everyday life.  This demands high quality at a sensible price.

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