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GENSE Retro Collection Cutlery by Pierre Forssell

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Retro Collection by Pierre Forssell for GENSE.  The collection consists of cone-shaped shakers for salt, pepper and sugar, cocktail forks that can be used as a knife, fork or spoon, and lastly a two-piece salad set. The products were first introduced during the 1950s and are now more modern and appealing than ever.

Eight-piece Retro Collection by Gense includes:  four (4) cocktail forks; pair of salad servers; and a salt shaker and a pepper shaker.

  • Gift box presentation
  • Dishwasher safe

Pierre Forssell’s classic cocktail fork is back. It was introduced during the 50’s as the perfect all-around cutlery for the modern household – perfect to use at a cocktail party or a dinner event in front of that times huge innovation - the TV. Its shape is carefully thought through and works perfectly as a knife, fork or spoon. It’s as modern now as it was back in those days. The man behind the innovative design is Pierre Forssell, who besides Folke Arström was one of the larger names during the 50’s. The stainless steel is non-scratchable and virtually indestructible. The black handles are still made out of hard nylon which allows high temperatures and they are therefore dishwasher safe.

Retro Collection Cocktail Fork.  Photo: Ake Gunnarsson /VUE AB


Back in 1950s, the Shakers attracted a lot of attention for their genial form - simple cones in stainless steel with black plastic feet.  The cone-shaped shakers for salt and pepper were described by the media with the words "the construction is so simple that it's nearly embarrassing."  Gense thereby set a new standard for functional design.

The shape of the Salad Set was looked upon as futuristic during the 1950s and is today more modern and appealing than ever.  The black handles are made of hard nylon and the blades are produced in stainless steel.  Its well-thought through shape will surely make this Salad Set a timeless design classic that will live on for years. This salad serving set was featured in New York Magazine, December 20, 2013.

Gense has since the 1920s co-operated with designers.  Pierre Forssell’s up to date design raised a lot of attention during the H55 fair in Helsingborg in 1955.

Born in 1925, Swedish designer and silversmith Pierre Forssell was a professor at the celebrated Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.  His work from the 1950s and 1960s helped define the country’s clean and understated design style and is considered today among the era’s representative classics.

Pierre Forssell (1925 - 2004) grew up in central Stockholm. He was trained as a silversmith and got his journeyman's certificate in the profession in 1949. He even took a handicraft teaching degree and began teaching in silversmithing at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm when he was only 27 years old.

In parallel with the teaching profession, he undertook standalone design commissions, including at Gense in Eskilstuna. There, he designed the cutlery series “Piruett” and the dredger “Shakers”. His breakthrough was on the legendary H55 exhibition in Helsingborg, where his typical and clean 1950’s design attracted wide attention.

He was employed at Skultuna Messingsbruk 1955 to 1986, and did much to give the brass and Skultuna a new status in the 1960 and 70s. Having previously designed most household utensils and cutlery at Gense, but got fond of the brass and gave it a tight and modern design.

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