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Magisso Happy Pet Project Self-Cooling Food Bowl Collection

$40.00 $32.00

Magisso Happy Pet Project, Self-Cooling Food Bowls are the must haves for your pet’s daily meals to serve cool and fresh.  With these bowls, you don’t need a freezer or a fridge to keep food or water deliciously cool.  It’s so simple. Just soak the Magisso Happy Pet Project Bowls in water for a minute or two before use.  They will then keep the contents cool throughout the day.  You can also create your very own design or write a message on the side of the Happy Pet Bowls with chalk.  Cool and clever.  Naturally.  Material: Food safe ceramics. LFGB and FDA tested. Dishwasher safe.  Listed on Dr. Ann Hohenhaus‘s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide of Animal Medical Center NY and Nandeet Mehta‘s “Gifts To Put Under The Tree For Fido” in Huffington Post.

  • Dog Bowl (large) 8-inch diameter
  • Dog Bowl (medium) 6-inch diameter

Discover Magisso’s gorgeous collection from Happy Pet Project.  Not just for you, but for your best fluffy and furry friend too.  For healthy pets and for responsible parents. Whether your four-legged pal is a playful dalmatian, a feisty chihuahua or if you prefer to snuggle up with a feline furball, as a pet parent you want him or her be healthy and happy pet, right?

Many pets eat too quickly and “inhale” their food to the point of being harmful.  The Slow Eating Bowl forces the pet to eat around the shape slowing him down.  Your dog or cat will – don’t inhale it take longer to eat, as they have a 3D obstacle in the middle to work around.

This bowl design helps with the sensation of being full while eating less food – the body has more time to determine how much food has been eaten which prevents over-eating.  Controls bloating and indigestion issues.  The chewing phase is also prolonged which increases saliva production, which is good for dental hygiene.  If your pet is fed properly and digests properly, you can avoid unnecessary vet bills should they have gastric issues!

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