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David Mellor Design

David Mellor Design Salt and Pepper Grinders


Beautiful and original form in turned European beech. Designed by Corin Mellor and exclusive to our shops. The unique sculptural shapes were developed in our own workshops. The mills have a strong ceramic crush grind mechanism effective for both salt and pepper which can be adjusted from fine to coarse. They have a durable lacquer finish and come individually boxed.

David Mellor Grinders and salt/pepper mills

Grinder Size / Dimension:

  • Small - Height: 16.5cm; Diameter: 6.8cm
  • Large - Height: 25cm; Diameter: 6.8cm
  • Extra Large - Height: 20.5cm; Diameter: 8.4cm

Care / Instruction:

  • To fill your grinder with salt or pepper pull the top firmly and remove.
  • The ceramic mechanism can be adjusted from coarse to fine.
  • DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN as this will damage the mechanism.
  • To ensure continued smooth operation we recommend adding a small amount of rice on top of the salt to absorb moisture and prevent the rocks/corns from sticking together.
  • We also recommend that you always turn the grinder in the same direction (i.e. clockwise) to prevent salt/pepper being drawn back into the mechanism.

Material: European Beech, ceramic

Beautiful and original form in turned European beech developed from our standard range of salt and pepper mills but more magnificent in size. Designed by Corin Mellor.