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ASA Selection Colour It Dinnerware Collection

$25.00 $18.00

ASA Selection Colour It dinnerware collection immerses your table in sunlight. Who says that simple tableware always has to be white? And who says that fixed style rules have to be followed? Now there are no limits to colorful design ideas. Distinct colors and a tastefully decorated home no longer rule each other out. Vibrant colors are pure sources of energy and powerful vitamins for the heart and soul. Life is simple. Don't get serious. Colour It. Coordinate the colors of salad bowls with the servers - complement or contrast the colors.

ASA Selection Colour It porcelain dinnerware collection in red, orange, turquoise and green.

Don’t be so serious. Clear lines and bold colors are the creative gateway to a happy life. Live happy. Dress happy. Stay happy.

Material:  Porcelain. Dishwasher safe. Imported from Germany.

  • Dinner Plate: 10.6″ (27cm) diameter
  • Dessert/Side Plate:  7.9″” (20cm) diameter
  • Soup/Pasta Bowl:  6.98″ (17.5cm) diameter; 1.97″ (5cm) height
  • Bowl:  5.31″ (13.5cm); 2.76″ (7cm) height
  • Coffee Cup with Saucer:  3.86″ x 3.23″/5.91″ diameter; capacity – 8.45 fl.oz (0.2l)
  • Espresso Cup with Saucer:  2.28″ x 2.17″/4.33″ diameter; capacity – 2.03 fl.oz (0.06l)