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Hostess Guide: How to Set Your Table for Every Occasion

Hostess Guide: How to Set Your Table for Every Occasion

Setting the table has long been considered an art, and unlike calligraphy or handwriting, it isn't going anywhere with the advent of technology. People will always need to eat and require the implements to do so. And when your table is presented in this classy fashion, your guests will appreciate it.

Learn how to set a basic, informal, and formal table for every occasion. The difference between each level corresponds to the number of courses being served, and the formality of the event. Ever wondered why there are so many spoons, forks, and glasses set out at a restaurant or banquet dinner? Now you will find out the purpose of each and every piece of cutlery and glass. Once you know the basics, you will realize that there is a method to the madness of table-setting, and that each piece is set out in the order it should be used, to minimize the potential for knocking over glasses or bumping hands with your neighbor.

Keep in mind that even though you have set a beautiful table, your guests may slip up when it comes to knowing which fork to use, and that's fine. Even Emily Post used to get her bread plate mixed up, and as every good hostess knows, the ultimate rule is that manners trump etiquette!

Hostess Guide: How to Set Your Table for Every Occasion
Table Setting: basic; informal table; and formal table setting
Place-Setting Key: positioning plates, napkin, fork, knives and spoons.
Place-Setting Key: positioning glasses, salad plate and bread plate


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