2016 WSJ Off Duty Summer 50

The WALL STREET JOURNAL: The Off Duty Summer 50, June 14, 2016

50 Clever Ways to Beat the Heat

Though the scorching season tends to wilt sophistication, these 50 cooling ideas—from icy getaways and glacial cocktails to the ultimate white bikini—will help you beat the odds.

Break a Sweat

Inspired by ancient Romans’ use of the chilling properties of terra cotta, this one-liter (33.8 oz.) carafe remains cold ice-free. Run it under a tap for a minute, and the outside of the matte-glazed vessel absorbs water. As that evaporates, its change of state from liquid to gas lowers the temperature of the carafe (the same way perspiration cools humans). Pre-chilled drinks stay cold for hours, and tepid liquid gets 40% colder. Simon Stevens Cooling Ceramics Carafe by Magisso, abode-newyork.com —Jackie Cooperman

Wall Street Journal

Photo: F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal.  Styling by Anne Cardenas. InOff Duty 50 Summer 2016, Naturally Cooling Ceramics Carafe by Magisso

Enjoy your drinks cool by the pool or at a perfect dinner. And you don’t need a freezer or a fridge to keep them cool with the awarded Naturally Cooling Ceramic barware by Magisso. Just soak the Naturally Cooling Ceramics in water for a minute or two before use. It will keep content cool for two to four hours. You can also create your very own design or write a personal message on the side of the Ceramics with a chalk.

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