Thanksgiving 2014 – Carving Turkey

How to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey courtesy of Butterball

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Old Farmer Carving set with box

Whether celebrating the holidays or enjoying a casual turkey dinner, the right carving technique helps you get as many servings from your turkey as possible. Learn all you’ll need to know about how to carve a turkey with these helpful instructions:

  • First, allow your cooked turkey to sit for about 20 minutes before starting to carve.
  • Beginning halfway up the breast, slice straight down with an even stroke.
  • When the knife reaches the cut above the wing joint, the slice should fall free on its own.
  • Continue to slice breast meat by starting the cut at a higher point each time.
  • Cut the band of skin holding the drumsticks.
  • Grasp the end of the drumstick, place your knife between the drumstick/thigh and the body of the turkey, and cut through the skin to the joint.
  • Remove the entire leg by pulling out and back, using the point of the knife to disjoin it.
  • Separate the thigh and drumstick at the joint.
  • Insert a fork in the upper wing to the steady turkey.
  • Make a long horizontal cut above the wing joint through the body frame.
  • The wing can be disjointed from the body, if desired.


Gense 7744881

Old Farmer Carving Set

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