Solair Chair

$ 190.00

  • Made and imported from Canada
  • Material: plastic shell seat; black enameled metal frame; and black plastic glides.
  • Colors: Yellow (108C); Orange (171C); White; Black; Aqua Blue (2995C); Lime Green
  • Dimensions: 28″H x 28 3/4″D approx.

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The Solair Chair is timeless yet trendy with a minimal retro-modern aesthetic and a very reasonable price. Its comfort, style and sturdy construction make it a perfect fit for hip but harsh outdoor environments. This chair design will compliment any residential outdoor living space or pool area as well as in commercial applications such as spas, boutique hotels, resorts, cruise ships or cafés. This beautiful outdoor chair becomes a natural extension of the modern home’s exterior space.

Bright and vibrant in innovation when first introduced, the Solair Chair was designed by Montreal industrial designers Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini, in 1972. Riding the wave of design energy coming out of Expo 67, and the fervor of Canada’s Centennial, these two newly minted designers set out to rework the concept of a Canadian-designed, comfortable and stylish, modern indoor and outdoor chair. Using new injection molding plastic technology and steel framing, the chair was designed over the space of one weekend so as to meet a pressing contract deadline.

Extensively sold throughout the 1970s the Solair was marketed across Canada and the eastern seaboard of the United States as far south as Florida. The chair went on to become an iconic fixture of North American roadside motels and pools of the period. Lightweight and extremely comfortable, the Solair, with its simple lines and solid practicality exudes an allure that continues to speak to us about its emblematic place in Canadian culture. Since 1989, the chair has been in continuous production and distribution in Saint-Damien, Quebec.

The seat shell is made from a single piece of molded plastic and is treated with UV protection to ensure the rich colors do not bleed out in the hot sun. The welded steel frame has a black enameled, rust-inhibiting topcoat and comes complete with corner base glides to prevent scratching floor areas. This chair continues to withstand the test of time and remains a cherished Canadian classic design and an undisputed masterpiece in the history of contemporary furniture.

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Solair Color

Aqua Blue, Black, Lime Green, Orange, White, Yellow