Periods Wallcovering

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  • Dimensions:  24 inches (width); available lengths: 8 feet; 10 feet; or 12 feet.
  • Self-adhesive matte vinyl with semi-permanent adhesive backing & siliconized kraft liner to prevent image from chipping or cracking.
  • Nonsolvent based inks (solvent-based ink-jet ink has many health and safety considerations including: respiratory, skin and eye irritants, and in some cases, central nervous system depressants).
  • Positional or removable applications for up to three (3) months.
  • Lead times range from two (2) to four (4) weeks. Please [iphorm_popup id=”1″ name=”Contact Us”]contact Abode New York [/iphorm_popup]for assistance.
  • Made in Brooklyn, New York.

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Periods Wall Panel

Periods Tiffani

Periods Tiffani

Periods orange

Periods orange

Graveyard shifts were grueling, especially in the emergency room. Everybody wanted attention, and they wanted it immediately. Nina was beat. Watching the clock tick, she counted down the minutes until she could leave. She was ready for a little attention herself, and determined to get it. Sophie picked her up right on time, Nina climbed into the car with a sigh of relief. Placing a hand on Sophie’s exposed thigh, she inched her fingers slowly up her skirt, “Hope you’re ready to play doctor when we get home.”

Although launched in 2011, Filthy Home designs have been budding for decades. Inspired by raw, simple perspectives, Filthy Home resonates with vintage flare and modern sensuality. Capturing basic moments in life, both contemporary and historic, the company values the unusual and sometimes unspoken familiarities that we all share in the overall experience of being human. Often fueled by those random explosions of creativity, embracing rather than avoiding traditional taboos, Filthy Home will rouse your senses. Go ahead…savor our specialties.

Instruction for installation of Periods Wall Panel:

Periods tiffani

Periods Tiffani panels

Step 1: Patch any large holes using joint compound and a putty knife. Allow the patches to dry completely, then sand smooth with a fine grit sandpaper.
Step 2: Apply a coat of fresh satin or gloss paint using a paint roller (the wall HAS TO BE CLEAN), using a paint brush to cut in with primer around the edges (this product sticks very well to all clean surfaces).
Step 3: Use a level and pencil to draw vertical guidelines on the wall. You should space these lines so you can perfectly align the rows of vinyl wallpaper.
Step 4: Cut a your wallpaper panel so there is an extra 6 to 8 inches longer than actually needed . Peal back the backing to exposes the adhesive wallpaper (just like a huge sticker).
Step 5: Place the wallpaper on the wall, aligning it with a set of vertical pencil guidelines.  Allow a small amount of overlap on the top and bottom of the wall.  Trim the wallpaper after it has been installed.
Step 6: Smooth the vinyl wallpaper using a rubber roller (use a clean printmaking ink roller and work from the PERFECTLY alined starting point to the panel edge). A regular wallpaper smoothing brush doesn’t really work to remove bubbles. For any bubbles you can’t remove, use a needle to pierce the bubble. Then press the bubble to release any air and smooth the wallpaper.
Step 7: Apply the next piece of wallpaper, using the same method you used to apply the first piece. Make sure that the edges of any pattern matches. There is some give to the vinyl. If you get a bit off your alignment pull back the adhesive panel a few inches and reposition moving down the wall.
Step 8: After you have applied all of the wallpaper on a wall, trim the top and bottom using a metal straightedge and utility blade. (Be careful not to scratch the paper. (Patience is a virtue here!)
Step 9: Install the vinyl onto the next wall, using the same techniques you used to install the wallpaper on the first wall. Continue until all of the walls are covered.
Periods orange panels

Periods orange panels

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 6 x 6 in

8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet


Tiffani/White, Orange/White