Urania Acoustic Sound Amplifier

$ 180.00

Urania – the ultimate design gadget – high-end design for low-tech sound.  The acoustic glass amp works with iPhone 4, 5 and 6.  Urania is formed from a single piece of blown glass, making it that rare work of art that is at once highly aesthetic and genuinely practical.  Urania is an amalgamation of authentic blown-glass craftsmanship and an ultra-modern “slow sound” philosophy that bridges past and present. No batteries, not electricity and no streaming – just visionary glass design. Urania also serves as a decorative and sculptural glass stand.  (Please note:  smartphone not included with Urania.)

  • Color:  Clear
  • Material:  Glass
  • Dimensions:  5-3/4″ / 14.5 cm (height); 9-5/8″ / 24.5 cm (depth)
  • Care:  wipe or polish with soft, lint-free cloth; not dishwasher safe
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Urania has been created for Holmegaard by the American glass artist Aric Snee.  Urania is an acoustic sound amplifier and a beautifully designed place to store your iPhone 4, 5 or 6. (Please note: smartphone not included.)  It is made from mouth blown glass, blown as a single entity. The sound flows out and is amplified through the funnel-shaped design, so you can fill your home with great sound entirely without cables or electronics. Urania is available in clear glass as here and in a smoked glass version.



Aric Snee is an artist and designer and he teaches glass art at Ball University, School of Art in Muncie Indiana, USA. Aric Snee has been working with glass for over 15 years in academic, studio and factory environments.  The Scandinavian design tradition has since run like a connecting thread throughout Aric Snee’s work, which is both minimalist and organic.  This is especially true of Urania, which Aric Snee designed in 2014.


Holmegaard produces mouth-blown and machine-blown glass in accordance with the latest and most advanced production methods.  Each piece of mouth-blown glass is unique and hand-made by the glass blower, who carefully blows the right amount of air through the narrow tube. This is why air bubbles in the glass are unavoidable, adding to the charm of mouth-blown glass.

Mouth-blown glass by Holmegaard can be recognized by the Swan logo.  Machine-blown glass is characterized by exactly the same high quality and elegance as mouth-blown glass, but, as the name suggests, it is machine produced using exclusive, specially made tools.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 7 in