Tokens of Happiness

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Tokens of Happiness are made from high quality Indonesian hard wood in a FSC-certified factory; wood used in the production comes from sustainable forestry.   Small variations in the tokens will occur.  Tokens are designed for decorative purposes only and should not be treated as toys.  Gift box presentation.  Imported from Denmark.

  • Walter the Whale:     Size: H 2.2″ (5.6cm)  x  L 3″ (8cm)  x  W 0.8″ (2cm)
  • Hannibal the Shark:  Size: H 3.5″ (9cm)  x  L 5.3″ (13.5cm)  x  W 0.8″ (2cm)
  • Do not place the tokens in direct sunlight as this will cause discoloration and fading of the colors; the tokens should not be exposed to heat from radiators or fireplaces as this will dry out the wood and cause cracks.
  • Maintenance: use a soft cloth to clean surface.


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Tokens of Happiness.  Meet Walter the Whale & Hannibal the Shark.  As the name of the collection states, they are designed to be happy and make you happy.  You will always find them with a big cheerful smile on their faces. Both of those Danish design pieces have a natural talent for making you feel happy and optimistic about life.  That is the gift of Walter & Hannibal.
 Tokens of Happiness
Walter is a cheerful and happy little whale who will always meet you with a joyful smile.  He has an amazing ability to charm everyone he meets.  Hopefully Walter’s positive attitude will also make you smile, and make you feel just as happy and optimistic as him.  You get him in a gift box.
Token of Happiness

Walter in a giftbox

Hannibal is the most friendly and happy shark you will ever meet.  He is designed to make you smile and feel just as happy as him.
You get Hannibal in a beautiful gift box.
Tokens of Happiness

Design by Witt is a Danish design company based in the heart of Copenhagen.  “Happy by Nature” is one of the core values for the young company founded by the creative talent Martin Witt. At Design by Witt we are passionate about wooden creations.  We combine beautiful Danish design traditions, with a refreshing and positive twist.

Design by Witt

Martin Witt grew up playing in his fathers workshop in the Northern parts of Zealand.  His inspiration originates from the beautiful surroundings bordering the woods of Gribskov.  Witt has always been fascinated by the nature, which has also been a straightforward inspiration for his works and designs.

Design by Witt

Walter returning the stick

It was in the fathers workshop the idea for Design by Witt was manifested and established.  Here Witt originally started to craft his designs.  The workshop is still used for developing new designs, as well as making special editions.  In this workshop, surrounded by pieces of wood, sawdust, the smell of wood and all kinds of utensils and tools, the different designs and ideas come to life on the work bench. At first as funny and quirky characters.  Then slowly adapted, refined and adjusted until the design feels just right.

Tokens of Happiness

Design by Witt gives back to nature.  The company is proud and happy to sponsor World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  With each purchase of any product from the Tokens of Happiness collection, a small donation will be made to WWF for the conservation and preservation of marine life.

WWF logo

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in

Walter the Whale, Hannibal the Shark, Walter & Hannibal


Natural, Light Blue, Turquoise