Eclipse Scent Diffuser

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Serene Pod® Scent Diffuser is an entirely new system of user-friendly air care devices called Serene Pods. Our fragrant wax bars are now embedded in an aluminum cartridge and sealed with a lid, ensuring that the enclosed fragrances are as fresh today as the moment they were extracted.

Suggested Room Size:  15 – 35m² (161.4 – 376.7sq ft)
Product Size:  15 cm L x 15 cm W x 13.7 cm H ( 5.9 in L x 5.9 in W x 5.4 in H )

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The mystery of a solar eclipse with its amazing corona was the inspiration for Peter Wirz when designing this beautiful wax warmer. Made of the finest Chinese porcelain available, the round shape of the Eclipse represents the moon and the light escaping from the gap between the two semi-spheres represents the solar corona. A celestial phenomenon is transformed into a terrestrial object of stunning power.


Eclipse with Serene Pod

The innovative Serene Pods have made the use of wax warmers like the Eclipse easier and faster than ever. Simply remove the upper sphere, then remove the cover of a Serene Pod Warmer and place it in the base of the Eclipse. Plug it in and return the spherical cover. Now all you have to do is sit down in your favorite armchair and wait for the fragrance to transport you away from the day’s rush.

Serene Pod® Scent Diffuser

SERENE HOUSE has developed an entirely new system of user-friendly air care devices called Serene Pods. Fragrant wax bars are now embedded in an aluminum cartridge and sealed with a lid, ensuring that the enclosed fragrances are as fresh today as the moment they were extracted.

Patented Serene Pods are now much easier to insert into and remove from our Serene Pod® Warmers.


Eclipse – Step 01


Eclipse – Step 02


Eclipse – Step 03


Eclipse – Step 04


Eclipse – Step 05


Eclipse – Step 06

Serene House:  The Company

SERENE HOUSE fulfills the growing demand for fresh and healthy air to counterbalance the stress and pollution of fast-paced urban environments. SERENE HOUSE is dedicated to developing personal air care products and fragrances that help improve your sense of well-being through scent, sound and visual aesthetics.

Clouds frequently appear in Chinese paintings, symbolizing good luck and endless good fortune when repeated in a pattern. For SERENE HOUSE, a single white cloud adrift in a cool blue sky represents the freshness and purity of nature. Clouds illustrate the essence of SERENE HOUSE, a brand focused on air care products. They embody our fundamental goal: Change the Air You Breathe.

Serene House logo

Serene House logo

SERENE HOUSE products were created in a close collaboration between Swiss designer Carsten Jörgensen, and our own professional perfume consultants and product engineering staff. The highly innovative, functional and elegant design of our personal air care collection makes them perfect for everyday use in your home or workplace.

SERENE HOUSE understands and values the trust of our customers and we strive to meet international environmental standards of sustainability.

We sincerely recommend the SERENE HOUSE Personal Air Care Collection and Scents to help you find more peace and tranquility in this busy and stressful world.

SERENE HOUSE has developed a series of essential oils, fragrance oils and scented waxes carefully formulated with 100% natural plant extracts for SERENE HOUSE diffusers to scent indoor air.


Serene Pods for Serene Pod® Warmers – 35g & 4g pods

Carsten Jörgensen was educated as a painter and graphic designer. After working for years as an art teacher in Copenhagen, he started collaborating with the Danish coffee maker Manufacture Bodum in the early 1970s. Jörgensen then served as their creative director for 25 years, influencing Bodum’s entire line of products and designing the majority of them. His designs achieved international recognition in the late 1980s,and he is now represented in major museums around the world. Jörgensen has received numerous honors and design prizes in Germany, Switzerland, USA, England, France, Italy, Sweden and Denmark.

Jörgensen has lived in Lucerne, Switzerland since 1983. Today, he is actively involved in product design and a design consultancy, as well as lecturing and writing on art, design and architecture.

Carsten Jörgensen has worked for many prestigious international companies, including Bodum(Switzerland and Denmark), Starbucks(US), Crate & Barrel(US), Target(US), Muji(Japan), Conran(UK), Habitat(UK),Ikea(Sweden), Zhongtai Z58(China), the British Council(UK), Pepsi Asia(China) and Shang Xia(China). He has created several hundred designs still in production by Bodum and many other companies.


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Eclipse Serene Pod Warmer

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