Wood Molding Vase Collection by Eric Hollender

$ 110.00

Hand made in Brooklyn, New York.  Limited edition design.

Material: porcelain.

Care: hand wash.

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Eric Hollender is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He makes functional ceramic designs and cast porcelain vase forms in limited editions.

Eric Hollender

Left to right: Wood Molding Vase 1; Cord Vase; and Molding Vase 2.

Eric Hollender Cast Porcelain Molding Vase

Cast Wood-Molding Porcelain Vase

Molding Vase

Eric Hollender Wood Molding Vase 1.


Wood Molding vase form collection

“Wood Molding” cast-porcelain vases by Eric Hollender


Top view of Eric Hollender’s Wood Molding cast vase collection

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Wood Molding Vase

No. 1, No.2