Totem Xmas Tree by Studio Roof

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Totem Xmas Tree is part of Studio Roof’s Paper Creative Collection of paper 3D objects, toys, and paperware for all ages.

  • Designed in Holland
  • Assembly required; instructions on the back of box.
  • Made from recycled cardboard.
  • Dimensions (assembled):  20 inches (48cm) W.;  30 inches (75cm) H. (approx.)

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A Totem take on the Christmas tree – to combine with or replace the one from the tree farm!  Create this Totem Xmas Tree as a beautiful accessory to your home this holiday.  The Xmas Tree will lend a warm and festive glow to the room. It includes an angel, a deer, peace doves, candles and decorations, and is topped with a star.  Once the New Year has come, put all the pieces back in the box to rebuild a year later. Will not lose needles.  Made from recycled cardboard.


Totem Xmas Tree with candles

3D Totems by Studio Roof are as beautiful paper art objects for your abode. Paper Creative Collection with paper 3D  objects, toys, and paperware for ALL ages.


Totem Xmas Tree with sled


Totem Xmas Tree in snow


Totem Xmas Tree Angel

Together with our three children, we started Kidsonroof in 2005. Our inspiration has always been the beauty of childhood, the imagination, nature, peoples of the world, art and craftsmanship, and our drive has above all been the urge to create, and to unfold a new imagery. The cardboard playhouse with which we launched Kidsonroof – now a classic piece in many a children’s room – was soon followed by a great many colorful doll’s houses, horses, dogs, dragonflies, and trees. Now, nine years down the line, we proudly see that our creations are sold worldwide in the most beautiful shops.

Romy + Ilya and Studio ROOF team

And, in 2013, alongside the paper products, there suddenly appeared a small collection of furniture. The roof had become too small… our studio had grown… Studio ROOF was born.

Romy + Ilya / Studio ROOF

In 2014, Studio ROOF has come to fruition, and we now produce two collections: the Paper Creative Collection with paper 3D objects, toys, and paperware for ALL ages, and the Living Collection, which consists of home accessories and furniture. The imagination is always the motive behind the two collections. And imagination is not bound by age. Our products are creations for young and old, inviting them to tell stories to each other; to get inspiration; and to create new ambiances.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 2 in