TAPA – Serving Bowl/Plate

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All pieces of the TAPA Furstenberg are carefully handcrafted in Germany for the highest quality.  Dishwasher safe; microwavable.  See Furstenberg Porcelain – Handmade in Germany on YouTube

  • Dinnerware Collection:
    • Bowls: 12.6″ (32cm); and 19.7″ (50cm)
    • Plate:  12.6″ dia. (32cm)

Please noteTAPA products are special order and imported from Germany; allow four to six weeks for delivery.

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TAPA becomes the creative element of a table that celebrates the untold variety of international cuisine with the fine sweep of its lines and elementary forms that focus on the essential.  With TAPA, award-winning designer Mikaela Dörfel has developed a form that meets the exacting demands of exclusive cuisine.  Mikaela Dörfel acknowledges the increasing trend of international flavors, versatility of our meals and the need of ideal presentation platform for every conceivable culinary creation.  The combination of TAPA plates and dishes in various sizes fulfills the highest demands for functionality and aesthetic. The form of the dishes seizes on ever more important thoughts of wellness for example, thanks to the special angle of the interior surface in which oil is practically filtered out.

Tapa SC-200529 & FL-200532

Tapa Bowls SC-200529 & Gourmet Plate FL-200532

With TAPA, power comes in the form of reduction.  The delicate appearance of the small series that includes twelve objects is absolutely captivating. Two plates of 32 and 24 cm together with six bowls of varying lengths and widths comprise the basis for this form. The TAPA soup bowl, creamer and spoon, which also can be used as a small bowl, round out the dinner service.  The elegant, shallow bowls lend themselves to precise placement of food on the plates. The combination then provides the perfect setting for appetizers of every kind, vegetables, seafood, or salads – even pâtés and pastry items. The gentle sloping in the bottom of the interior catches up the liquids at the deeper and tapering end of the bowl. The creamers are equally suitable for sauces and dressings or for snacks and other tidbits.  When creatively arranged, the basin-like spoons provide for decorative ensembles.

TAPA SC 200550

Tapa Serving Platter SC-200550 50 x 16cm

Whether Mediterranean hors d‘oeuvre culture, Asian specialties, or sophisticated buffets – the brilliantly designed form TAPA serves the demands of opulent restaurants and hotels as much as it does the requirements of aspiring gourmets.  TAPA is the affirmation of a dinner service that raises flexibility to a style.

TAPA Furstenberg Porcelain

Thomas Keller of The French Laundry plating a meal using TAPA porcelain bowls.

Tapa is a program for antipasti made for international cuisine.  The idea lies in the different contours of the inner and outer shape.  The bowls are symmetrical on the outside and asymmetrical on the inside.  Furthermore the gradient of the inner form has a function: food can be brought up to the edge, while excess oil or other liquids remains at the bottom.  Because Tapa was designed to present food on a buffet, it is modular: a narrow and a wide bowl always match each another and make up the next size.  The spoon follows the same basic idea and complements the set as the smallest item.

TAPA SC-200511 & SC-200532

Tapa Porcelain Spoons SC-200511 & Gourmet Plate FL-200532

Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG Mix & Match table settings mean more than aesthetic marriage of classic and modern forms, combination of colors and patterns or continuous new arrangements – the concept emphasizes individual freedom of design and expression of personal style in table settings.

Fuerstenberg Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG

Fuerstenberg Mix & Match tableware

At FÜRSTENBERG, Mix & Match can be experienced in different ways, which can also be combined with one another.  Tableware that has been in the family for generations can be stylishly upgraded with modern porcelain in the playful combination of classic with modern forms.  In line with interior design, the individual mix of old & new here is also transformed into desired and especially appealing breaks in design.  Different modern collections can also be presented together in exciting ways – such as the BLANC Gourmet Line with white porcelain combined with decorated items from Auréole Clair de Lune.

FL 201418-7000

Aureole Clair de Lune

FÜRSTENBERG porcelain has an important advantage for the Mix & Match trend, because the consistent whiteness of all articles creates a harmonious basis. This makes it possible to not only combine within one form, but also gives one’s creativity free rein of all forms and decors.

CL P01318

Fuerstenberg Porzellan Gourmet line BLANC Cloche with dinner plates

FÜRSTENBERG has specialized in unique craftsmanship and exclusive porcelain manufacture since 1747. This traditional company from Lower Saxony is now setting new standards in porcelain manufacture with its premium collections featuring tableware design of the highest quality. The FÜRSTENBERG portfolio ranges from dinner services and gift items to unique designer pieces.

Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG

Castle Fuerstenberg

FÜRSTENBERG is a porcelain manufacturer whose skilled craftsmanship has been honed through experience spanning over two centuries. The craftsmen at this traditional German firm are expert at continuously developing historical collections and creating contemporary product lines. They claim precision down to the smallest detail. What enables them to fulfill this claim is the fact that most of the porcelain manufactured at FÜRSTENBERG is still based on manual craft, supported by the very latest technical equipment to ensure creation of the finest quality porcelain objects. At the porcelain manufactory, design meets unrivalled craft expertise, as it has done since the company’s inception. Founded in 1747 by Duke Carl I von Braunschweig at Fürstenberg hunting lodge, the manufactory’s history is populated by a succession of renowned porcelain painters, modelers and designers. FÜRSTENBERG is Germany’s second oldest porcelain manufacturer. Today, the FÜRSTENBERG trademark, the blue “F” with a crown above, is internationally recognized as a symbol of sophisticated porcelain artwork from Germany.

Tapa Porcelain Furstenberg

Furstenberg Tapa porcelain collection

Porcelain manufacturer FÜRSTENBERG develops service-sets that display a truly timeless quality. From each of the most important European stylistic periods the company has at least one design form in our collection; from the classical service by the name of Herzog Ferdinand to the Bauhaus-classic Wagenfeld to the contemporary designs of  TAPA , Furstenberg products are all about excellence in design and luxurious decoration.

Fürstenberg Porcelain | Made in Germany – Handmade by DW_English

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Plate, Bowl, Soup Plate, Soup Cup, Soup Bowl


5.9" (15cm), 6.7" (17cm), Breakfast 7.5" (19cm), 11.4" (29cm), Gourmet 12.6" (32cm), 18.3" (21cm), 8.7" (22cm) elongated, 8.7" (22cm), 11" (28cm), 12.6" (32cm), 19.7" (50cm), 11.8 fl.oz. (0.35L), 8.5 fl.oz. (0.25L), Five-Piece Place Setting

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