Iwaki K844 Tea Pot

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Iwaki K844 Tea Pot has the best shape for jumping tea leaves.  The tea-leaf strainer is position in the spout.

  • Capacity:  500ml (17 fl.oz approx.)
  • Material:  carafe & lid – heat resistant glass; strainer – stainless steel
  • Microwave safe (without stainless steel strainer in spout)
  • Hand wash recommended
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Iwaki K844 Tea Pot maximizes the effect of brewing tea by jumping the leaves.  According to “Talking of Tea” by Gervas Huxley, if freshly boiling water is poured over tea leaves, convection occurs. Two-thirds of the leaves immediately float to the top and the leaves circulate from bottom to top and top to bottom until after about three minutes all the leaves sink to the bottom once the water soluble components of the leaves have been extracted out into the water. Such a movement of tea leaves is known as jumping and it is preferable to the appropriate brewing of tea.  For jumping to occur, it is essential to draw fresh water from the tap and boil it immediately at high temperatures so that is still contains oxygen.  The round shape of K844 Tea Pot encourages maximum tea leaf movement or vertical jumping.  Spout-attached strainer allows more room for tea leaves spread.

K844 / 4905284088385

Pouring tea with Iwaki Teapot

The specially designed leaf strainer is made of stainless steel and should be positioned in the K844 spout.  The heat-resistant glass pot can be placed in the microwave oven without strainer.  K844 is not designed for range-top or cooktop use.  Hand wash recommended.


Iwaki Teapot

IWAKI Houseware Co., Ltd. is the first private glass production company in Japan. In 1952, Asahi Glass Co.,Ltd. invested in IWAKI Glass Co., Ltd. The company began production of heat-resistant glassware in 1970 and household articles in 1974.

K844 / 4905284088385

Brewing with Iwaki Teapot


Iwaki Tea Pot with snacks

K844 / IWKG-0005

Heat-resistant glass teapot by Iwaki

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 6 x 6 in

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