Frame Coffee Dripper

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Frame Coffee Dripper focuses paper filter in a directed stream to achieve the taste of nel drip coffee. Parts can be removed from glass body for clean up.

  • Capacity:  600ml (20.4 fl.oz approx.)
  • Size:  W14 x D12.5 x H20.5cm
  • Material:  carafe – heat resistant glass; lid, handle & dripper – polypropylene (heat safe 120ºC or 248ºF); band & dripper frame – stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
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Frame Coffee Dripper focuses the paper filter to a directed stream and approximates the taste of nel drip coffee. Parts can be removed from glass body for clean up.  A stainless steel frame dripper holds a paper coffee filter.  Pour-over coffee using this coffee maker tastes similar to cotton flannel filter (or nel) dripped coffee.

K8694-SV / IWKG-0003

Frame Coffee Dripper by Iwaki

If you have ordered a cup of coffee from a specialty coffee roaster such as Blue Bottle Coffee, Four Barrel, Stumptown, Sight Glass, etc. then you have probably tasted the benefits of pour over coffee.  Basically, it just tastes better.  That’s because pour over brewing allows you to control every aspect of the preparation.  It’s the difference between cooking something in the microwave versus cooking that same thing on the stove top or in the oven.  The microwave may be easier and more convenient, but the food you cook in the microwave usually is not as good as a meal that received more tender loving care.  The same is true for making coffee with a pod machine or automatic drip.


Frame Coffee Dripper filter holder

K8694-SV / IWKG-0003

Detail of Frame Coffee Dripper

Quick Guide to Making Drip Grind Coffee:

Use a ratio of about 28 grams of coffee to approximately 330 milliliters of water heated to about 200 degrees.  A medium-to-course grind for the drip coffee is best.  Add the ground coffee to the filter. Give the filter a little shake to help the coffee settle into the filter.  Pour about 50-60 milliliters of the heated water to the coffee grounds in a slow circular pattern.  The coffee should bloom up and appear active. Wait about 30 seconds before continuing.  Continue adding the remaining water to the grounds.  The full brewing time should be approximately three (3) minutes.


Guide to Coffee Grinds for Different Pots from


How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Nel Drip from Phillip Tang on Vimeo

 IWAKI Houseware Co., Ltd. is the first private glass production company in Japan. In 1952, Asahi Glass Co.,Ltd. invested in IWAKI Glass Co., Ltd. The company began production of heat-resistant glassware in 1970 and household articles in 1974.

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