Magisso Chopping Pockets

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  • Package includes two pockets.
  • Material: food-grade polyproplyene.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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The Magisso Chopping Pocket is the ultimate utensil for home, picnics and parties. Just chop your choice of veggies and fold up the cutting board to a nifty serving pocket. When folded flat the Chopping Pocket is easy to store and take away. You can also use the Chopping Pocket to pour ingredients to a pot or a pan.

Magisso is a Finnish brand on a mission: to make a difference and to solve problems. That’s what all Magisso products are about: unique in terms of function, design and user-friendliness. As with Finns in general, Magisso products are simple but smart. The Magisso Home products have already been noted by CNN, InStyle, GQ, Wired, Fast Company and Apartment Therapy, and received some of the world’s most prestigious design awards. Kitchen is the heart of Home Smart Home, so that’s where you find us.

Magisso’s team of talented designers understand and value Finnish forms and function.  JUHANI SIRÉN, CEO of Magisso, is always on a lookout for new problems to solve in the kitchen and, at the moment, on a diet.

Magisso Chopping Pocket set

Magisso Chopping Pocket set

Art. 70408

Chopping Pocket as cutting surface

Art. 70408

Chopping Pocket folding into container

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 14 × 2.5 in