Colour-It Dinnerware Collection

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The world is round and colorful. Break the rules. Who says that simple tableware always has to be white. Distinct colors and a tastefully decorated home no longer rule each other out. Vibrant colors are pure sources of energy and powerful vitamins for the heart and soul.

Don’t be so serious. Clear lines and bold colors are the creative gateway to a happy life. Live happy. Dress happy. Stay happy.

Material:  Porcelain.  Dishwasher safe.

  • Dinner Plate: 10.6″ (27cm) diameter
  • Dessert/Side Plate:  7.9″” (20cm) diameter
  • Soup/Pasta Bowl:  6.98″ (17.5cm) diameter; 1.97″ (5cm) height
  • Pasta Bowl: 8.5″ (22cm) diameter; 1.5″ (4cm) height
  • Cereal Bowl:  5.31″ (13.5cm); 2.76″ (7cm) height
  • Coffee Cup with Saucer:  3.86″ x 3.23″/5.91″ diameter; capacity – 8.45 fl.oz (0.2l)
  • Espresso Cup with Saucer:  2.28″ x 2.17″/4.33″ diameter; capacity – 2.03 fl.oz (0.06l)

Imported from Germany.

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Who says that simple tableware always has to be white? And who says that fixed style rules have to be followed?  Now there are no limits to colorful design ideas.  Distinct colors and a tastefully decorated home no longer rule each other out.  Vibrant colors are pure sources of energy and powerful vitamins for the heart and soul.  Colour-It immerses your table in sunlight.  Life is simple.  Don’t get serious.  Colour-It.  Coordinate the colors of salad bowls with the servers – complement or contrast the colors.

ASA 1287-381

Colour-It Collection in turquoise and green

ASA Selection stands for a modern and straight forward design. Founded 30 years ago in Hoehr-Grenzhausen, the ceramic company belongs to the leading companies in the industry. Meanwhile its collections were expanded to design oriented living- and lifestyle accessories. As a global player the company covers markets worldwide with constantly new innovations and is represented in 80 countries, partly with own agencies.

The recipe for success of the founder and designer Yvonne Schubkegel is the focus on a consequent philosophy of “simple shapes and colors ” from beginning on. The collections distinguish themselves by being unconventional and without flourish, with a feeling for trends and the spirit of the time and enjoy a good reputation.

According Schubkegel, “Different people have different ideas about what the most beautiful moments in life are. It is said that the most beautiful things are often the simplest ones and the increasing complexity of modern-day life has given added meaning to these simple things. They give us security. And they soothe our soul. That´s why our collection focuses more than ever before on consistent lines, clear contours and distinct colors. Flattering surfaces or surfaces that attract light into a room. More reduction and more emotion. Unpretentious design that enriches our perception and provides a refuge of balance and vitality, where we can think clearly and gather our strength. It doesn’t take much to make your home genuinely beautiful.”

The ASA Selection product line stand for modern design. Authentic products in the area of living and dining.

Design accessories from ASA-SELECTION are not mass produced articles. Piece by piece, the hand crafted items tell us about the people through whose hands they have passed. About their profession, their life and the passion with which they perform their daily work. As have generations before them, these local people in typical ceramic regions put body and soul into what they do.  Only meticulously controlled goods are awarded the ASA-SELECTION branded sticker – the stamp which stands for original design, production and quality.

It starts with the casting – or pressing – of the ceramic lump into the hand worked form. After gentle “forming”, the raw product moves on to the time intensive “polishing”. This means that the leather hard form is released from its casting seams and the rough and angular surface is smoothed. Careful and deft craftsmanship is necessary for the subsequent glazing and/or the artistic decoration.  Considerable experience is also required when “positioning“ the decorated article in the kiln car. After many hours in the kiln heated to over 1100 degrees and then slowly, slowly cooled, the completed article is ready for quality control. No blemishes and no hidden flaws are missed by the “watching“ trained fingertips and eyes.

ASA 1284-807

ASA Selection ColourIt Collection

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Dinner Plate, Side/Dessert Plate, Soup/Pasta Bowl, Cereal Bowl, Coffee Cup and Saucer, Espresso Cup and Saucer, Pasta Bowl


Red, Turquoise, Green, Orange, Gray, Yellow, Black