Auréole Clair de Lune Coffee / Tea

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Auréole Clair de Lune.  The magical appeal of the moon.  Red Dot Award 2014 Honorable Mention.

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Clair de Lune is French for “light of the moon” or “moonlight.”  Mystical, magical, romantic – the CLAIR DE LUNE décor splendidly continues the theme that inspired Korean ceramics master Kap-Sun Hwang’s basic AURÉOLE design: the sun and the moon. The magical appeal of the moon is transposed onto the high-quality porcelain through many remarkable designs created using the colours black and white, and 24-carat gold. The different phases of the moon are mirrored in the raised and apparently weightless design in a mystical, sophisticated manner. Thanks to its varied representations of the moon, CLAIR DE LUNE captures moments in time, over and over again, immersing every well-set table in a timeless, modern light.

Clair de Lune

Dinner plate espresso cups & saucer

AURÉOLE by Fürstenberg is inspired by the sun, the moon and the magnolia.  The white AURÉOLE opens up unlimited scope for varied table decorations: plates set the scene while cups are reminiscent of magnolias, opening up towards the sun.

Clair de Lune

The universal radiation intensity of the sun and moon as an inspiration for cosmopolitan porcelain: the form AURÉOLE, which was created with Korean ceramicist Kap-Sun Hwang, is a sublime design apparently effortlessly merging ancient Asian porcelain traditions and the modern work of the European craftsman.


“Creating harmoniously designed living spaces and being at one with nature.” This Far Eastern philosophy for life is how the renowned Seoul-born ceramicist Kap-Sun Hwang describes the things that are important to him, the things that have moulded him – and which also feature in his work. He started working closely with FÜRSTENBERG as long ago as 2001.


Porcelain from FÜRSTENBERG is still carefully handcrafted today, just as it was over 250 years ago.  Fürstenberg has specialized in unique craftsmanship and exclusive porcelain manufacture since 1747.  This traditional company from Lower Saxony is now setting new standards in porcelain manufacture with its premium collections featuring tableware design of the highest quality. The Fürstenberg portfolio ranges from dinner services and gift items to unique designer pieces.


FÜRSTENBERG is a porcelain manufacturer whose skilled craftsmanship has been honed through experience spanning over two centuries. The craftsmen at this traditional German firm are expert at continuously developing historical collections and creating contemporary product lines. They claim precision down to the smallest detail. What enables them to fulfill this claim is the fact that most of the porcelain manufactured at FÜRSTENBERG is still based on manual craft, supported by the very latest technical equipment to ensure creation of the finest quality porcelain objects. At the porcelain manufactory, design meets unrivalled craft expertise, as it has done since the company’s inception. Founded in 1747 by Duke Carl I von Braunschweig at Fürstenberg hunting lodge, the manufactory’s history is populated by a succession of renowned porcelain painters, modelers and designers. FÜRSTENBERG is Germany’s second oldest porcelain manufacturer. Today, the FÜRSTENBERG trademark, the blue “F” with a crown above, is internationally recognized as a symbol of sophisticated porcelain artwork from Germany.


FÜRSTENBERG develops service-sets that display a truly timeless quality. From each of the most important European stylistic periods the company has at least one design form in our collection; from the classical service by the name of Herzog Ferdinand to the Bauhaus-classic Wagenfeld to the contemporary designs of Gourmet line BLANC, Furstenberg products are all about excellence in design and luxurious decoration.

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