Wine Breather Carafe by Norm Architects for Menu

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Wine Breather by Norm Architects & Peter Ørsig for Menu A/S

  • Capacity:  34 fl.oz.
  • Overall Height – 8.7″ (22 cm)
  • Overall Diameter- 6.5″ (16.5 cm)
  • Materials:  Glass; Silicone; Stainless Steel; Plastic
  • Care instructions – glass part is dishwasher safe; steel part should be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Please note:  wine not included with breather/aerator

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By Norm Architects for Menu A/S.

Art. No. 4680069

Stopper detail

If you are among those who prefer a more rounded glass of wine, it is necessary to pour the wine into a carafe to aerate it first. Aerating the wine causes its acidity and bitterness to evaporate, allowing the taste and aroma to develop.

The problem is that it takes at least 1-2 hours from the time the wine is poured until it is ready to drink. Unless of course – you’re the happy owner of the Norm Wine Breather.  Ready to serve in less than 2 minutes.


Serve wine in the original bottle.  The New Norm Wine Breather makes it easy to serve aerated, ready to drink wine directly from the original bottle, enabling the bottle to tell its personal story. The secret is found in the unique wine breather invented by wine expert Peter Ørsig.


The actual aeration process is untraditional and worth seeing, so your guests will probably enjoy witnessing the wine breather in action. Place the bottle on the table and attach the carafe to the bottleneck. Then, carefully turn the bottle over and allow the wine to flow into the carafe. The wine breather spreads the wine so that it splashes through the neck of the carafe and flows down its sides, providing the maximum possible surface area.


Turn over, aerate and serve.  The wine can be served in the stylish carafe, but if you prefer to have the original bottle on the table, just turn the carafe over again and the wine flows back into the bottle!  The aeration takes less than 2 minutes, during which time the wine develops just as much as it would have after many months in the bottle. This provides a better taste experience and, as an added bonus, you are able to enjoy the spectacular aeration process and still serve the wine in its original bottle.

Art. no: 4680069

Art. no: 4680069

Pouring wine from Breather back to bottle

Kasper RønnJonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects are Copenhagen-based simplicity admirers.  They are currently engaged as scouters, designers and all-round advisers at MENU.   

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Minimalism is not a modern style. Minimalism has been the norm in many cultures all over the globe since the beginning of civilization. People have strived continually for material poverty as a way to inner luxury. Reduction and perfection have been the main goal for both craftsmen and inventors – because avoiding the irrelevant meant emphasising the important.

All too often people think of design in terms of added grandness. But it is often the plain or the reduced that is the most striking.  In our work we aim for geometrical purity, a simple naturalness and a reduced authenticity for a sense of calm and repose. We want to arrive at the maximum of expressivity with the minimum of expression. In an era dripping with images, forms and sound, to reduce ends up being the most eloquent gesture.


We try to balance the visual, the tactile and the sensual to create an unusual but harmonious experience. We bridge the masculine and the feminine with an obsessive attention to detail. And we aim at creating functional objects that do not only meet the need, but also provide joy. We call it soft minimalism.

We strive for timelessness in our work. Tendencies come and go. Products should not only be durable because they are made from good materials. They should also be aesthetically durable in the sense that you can keep on looking at them and continue to find them interesting.

Menu A/S

Beverage Vessel Collection from Menu A/s

MENU is a Danish design company founded in 1976. We do design. All day actually. Occasionally at night as well. Collaborating with some of the most talented designers in the world we deliver high quality design with a crisp Scandinavian look. We call it soft minimalism. At Menu we’re passionate about design, new materials and clever details, and we dream about making a difference.

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So we believe in making design matter – and we strives to do so by creating products that evoke true feelings, innovations that make a genuine difference, and by combining do-well with do-good. We’re passionate, original and responsible.  We work strategically with innovative products. We’re obsessed with clever solutions and functional details. We’re lucky to work with some of the best designers in the world and we make sure that a new Menu product always has either a new function, a new material or a new production method. Because that’s the originality that makes it a true Menu product.

Art. No. 4680069

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in