Hallo Bloem Collection

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Hallo Bloem blue and white dinnerware inspired by Delftware.

  • Microwave/Dishwasher Safe.
  • Made in Japan.
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Hallo Bloem means “Hello Flower” in Dutch and we couldn’t think of a better name for this Dutch inspired series.  Simple and clean yet fun and joyful.

Hallo Bloem

Hallo Bloem Collection

From Wikipedia, Delftware or Delft pottery, also known as Delft Blue is blue and white pottery made in and around Delft in the Netherlands and the tin-glazed pottery made in the Netherlands from the 16th century.  Delftware in the latter sense is a type of pottery in which a white glaze is applied, usually decorated with metal oxides. Delftware includes pottery objects of all descriptions such as plates, ornaments and tiles.

“The Ming dynasty saw an extraordinary period of innovation in ceramic manufacture.  Kilns investigated new techniques in design and shapes, showing a predilection for color and painted design, and an openness to foreign forms.  The Yongle Emperor (1402–24) was especially curious about other countries (as evidenced by his support of the eunuch Zheng He’s extended exploration of the Indian Ocean), and enjoyed unusual shapes, many inspired by Islamic metalwork.  During the Xuande period (1425–35), a technical refinement was introduced in the preparation of the cobalt used for underglaze blue decoration.”  (Source: Wikipedia.)  “In Delft, Netherlands blue and white ceramics taking their designs from Chinese export porcelains made for the Dutch market were made in large numbers throughout the 17th Century. Blue and white Delftware was itself extensively copied by factories in other European countries, including England, where it is known as English Delftware.”  (Source:  Wikipedia.)

Hallo Bloem

Hallo Bloem collection on display

“Blue and white wares designate white pottery and porcelain decorated under the glaze with a blue pigment, generally cobalt oxide.  The decoration is commonly applied by hand, by stencils or by transfer printing, though other methods of application have also been used.”  (Source: Wikipedia.)

Hallo Bloem

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Bowl 5.8" x 3", Bowl 6.8" x 2", Serving Dish 8.8" x 2", Mug 10fl.oz. x 3.6", Noodle Bowl 7.5", Rectangular Plate 10" X 6.75"

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