ASCEL Wave Dinnerware Collection

$ 55.00$ 125.00

Material: ceramic

Finish:  matte glaze

Handmade & imported from Japan.

Handwash; microwave is not recommended

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ASCEL Wave v2.0

ASCEL Wave v2.0 designed by Yuichi Yanai with assistance from Tomomi Ishinaga.  How do we create objects that are beautiful, functional and enrich the user’s mind?  Creativity, skill and supply-chain management are required to make this happen.  These are fundamental principles for Secca.  The company’s concept is to keep providing new values and surprises.  Through this idea, Secca has been working with conviction on a series of projects that reinterpret tradition.  Combining both industrial design and handcraft, Secca’s ASCEL Wave collection strives to go beyond common beliefs or thoughts, and to pursue new angles.



Making of ASCEL from Morikazu on Vimeo.


Secca Inc. is established in Kanazawa.  Secca develops distinctive production methods that melds cutting-edge 3D digital technology, which evolves through its industrial design work, with traditional techniques of Japanese art crafts (kogei).  This gives shape to new possibilities of a modern type of craftsmanship.  Kogei is a genre of traditional art that may be roughly translated as “artisan crafts”—a means of highly skilled artistic expression, both in form and decoration, that is associated with specific regions and peoples in Japan. The subject is steeped in tradition and rooted in upholding conventional cultural ideals and aesthetics through the mastery of specialized techniques and materials.

Secca Ascel Wave

Secca produces not only tableware but also incorporates culture within its products.  This cannot be done by Secca alone and is only possible from observing and experiencing culture around us.  To create an interesting chemistry within the work, Secca collaborates with highly motivated chefs who help the company reach for new possibilities and with intensive research.  All of these aspects raise expectations to create tableware that cultivates the beginning of a new contemporary culture.



Yuichi Yanai graduated from Kanazawa College of Art in 2005 and joined design center of Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.  In 2010 he worked for Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center and, in 2012, at Kanazawa Udatsuyama Kogei Kobo.  In 2015, Yanai became a director of secca inc.  Yanai received Gold Award from the 10th International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan for the Snow Hill collection.

Snow Hill collection by Yuichi Yanai

secca and K’S DESIGN LAB Behind the Scenes from Morikazu on Vimeo.

Secca Ascel


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Black, White


Large Plate, Medium Plate, Small Plate, Bowl Large, Bowl Medium