Magisso Balance Serving Collection

$ 35.00

Magisso Balance Serving Set consists of sculptural tableware objects.

  • Each product sold separately
  • Cheese Knife
  • Cheese Slicer
  • Pie Server
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe; dry thoroughly before storing
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The GOOD DESIGN awarded Magisso Balance Serving Set consists of sculptural tableware objects: Cheese Knife, Cheese Slicer and Pie Server. The design continues the unique and recognizable form developed by the young Finnish designer Maria Kivijärvi. All the Serving Set items can be set sideways on the table so the blade doesn’t tarnish your tablecloth. For cheese aficionados, pie/tart gourmets and wine lovers. For festivities and everyday life. Each product is made of premium, mirrored stainless steel and is suitable for your favorite cheeses.

The Cheese Knife is the perfect choice for serving both soft and hard cheeses.  Serving will be mess-free experience with either the Cheese Slicer or Pie Server.  All items from the Balance Serving set can set sideways upright on the table without tarnishing the tablecloth and are made of premium, mirrored stainless steel.

Magisso is the Finnish brand on a mission. It wants to make a difference and it is looking to solve problems. That’s what all the company’s products are about. They are unique in terms of function, design and user-friendliness as ideas grow from an actual need, not from the marketing department. As Finns in general, Magisso products are simple but smart. The Magisso Home products have already been noted by CNN, InStyle, GQ, Wired, Fast Company and Apartment Therapy and received some of the world’s most prestigious design awards. Kitchen is the heart of Home Smart Home, so that’s where you find us.

MARIA KIVIJÄRVI is the young Finnish designer of the Cake Servers and the Balance Serving Set.  Maria’s designs have already received numerous awards and global attention.

Magisso Cheese Knife

Cheese Knife

Magisso Cheese Slicer

Cheese Slicer


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Magisso Serving Collection