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By Lassen Kubus Vase Collection by Søren Lassen


By Lassen Kubus Vase Collection by Søren Lassen is a natural extension of the series, which has already seen the creation of the Kubus Line candlestick and Kubus Bowl in addition to the original Kubus Candleholder. Whether it stands alone or as part of a collection of items, Kubus Vase looks crisp yet feminine when filled with light, colorful blooms. With its simplicity and precision, it also has a strong enough aesthetic to make a statement all on its own.

By Lassen Kubus Vase Collection with Flora, Lily and Lolo.

Kubus Vase Flora’s blend of its 6mm-thin powder-coated steel frame and softly curved container gives it a very special character. With a diameter of 6cm and a height of 24cm, Flora will display all plants with a graphic grace. In its form and size, this vase allows for freedom of expression with flowers – freedom to mix types and colors into simple bouquets that are full of personality.

  • Kubus Vase Flora dimensions: 6 cm/2.4" (width); 6 cm/2.4" (length); 24 cm/9.4" (height)

Kubus Vase Lily was designed by Søren Lassen in 2018 as the third in the series of vases in the Kubus collection. With its cylindrical container positioned in the rectangular base of the characteristic 6 mm thin square profiles, the vase draws on both feminine and masculine expressions. Kubus Vase Lily is minimalist and modern in its precise form and distinguishes itself with having a formidable size for all kinds of flower bouquets, whether you prefer brittle tulips, fine lilies or freshly picked poppies from the cornfield.

  • Kubus Vase Lily dimensions: 10 cm/4" (width); 10 cm/4" (length); 20 cm/7.9" (height)

Kubus Vase Lolo was originally designed by Søren Lassen in 2014 but was launched in celebration of By Lassen’s 10th anniversary 2018. 

  • Kubus Vase Lolo dimensions: 12 cm/4.8" (width); 12 cm/4.8" (length); 24 cm/9.4" (height)
With its 6 mm lacquered steel frame, the black Kubus is what most people think of as the quintessential by Lassen design object.