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Blue and White Donburi Ceramic Bowl Collection


These blue and white bowls are versatile size and shape. Perfect for cereal, soup, and snacks these donburi bowls can be mixed and matched for an outstanding collection. Part modern, part traditional, Blue and White Donburi bowls complement any decor. Ceramic. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Made in Japan.

donburi is a Japanese rice dish that is served in a bowl and can be eaten with chopsticks. It is usually filled with meat, vegetables, eggs, or other ingredients. Traditionally it was made of cooked rice mixed with toppings and covered by another layer of seasoned rice.

In 1782, the donburi was named by Katsuyori Shibata after winning an eating contest with this dish (which he called don-tsui). He would use cooked white rice and top it with grilled eel. The meat or fish mixed together to form one "bowl."

This dish became more popular in the 19th century as Japan started trading internationally and ingredients like beef began being imported into Japan from abroad. By 1928 there were over 100 different types of donburis made by restaurants all across Japan including chicken curry bowls and egg omelet bowls among others according to records kept at that time. It was also in this era that smaller restaurants serving only donburi rice dishes started popping up.

--from Konnichi Wa

Blue and White Donburi Collection
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