The New York Times, June 24, 2014.

“Spoons for the Picky:  Shopping for Housewares in Brooklyn” by Jon Caramanica, The Critical Shopper, The New York Times, June 24, 2014.

Once you have learned the distinction between those two things, you can go a few blocks away, to Abode New York, for a maturity upgrade and where, yes, I bought place mats. Beautiful place mats, made of multicolor basket-woven PVC yarn. And a beautiful white and aubergine salad bowl by ASA Selection, a German manufacturer that pairs dignity with panache.

Abode exists on the accessible end of the design-degree universe. A tubular pendant light in primary colors by Cilandro ($255), a rubber tissue dispenser by Tunell, a waterdrop trivet by Toma ($45): all items you can display proudly, and that wink casually, not face-transmogrifyingly.

For additional information on Wilcoxson Brooklyn Ceramic Mugs


Mini basketweave in garden


ASA-Selection ColourIt Salad Bowl in aubergine

ColorIt Salad Bowl & Server

GR 224211

Tunell Tissue Holder on desk

For more information on TOMA Wood Trivet Collection.

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