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Stocking Stuffers:  Little Gifts That Deliver Big TimeApyui Multistand

Instead of a boring spoon rest—or, let’s be honest, the countertop—home cooks can house (har, har) cooking tools in this tiny abode.

Apyui Multi Stand

Apyui Multi Stand in kitchen

What this little house can do?

A silhouette of cute house “APYUI MULTI STAND” is to stand a pot lid, chopsticks and even prop up book and keep the pages open.  Turn upside down or change the cube’s surface allow you to use it the other various ways.


Apyui Multi Stand in cafe latte.

Stand an enamel pot lid and also chopsticks at the same time.

Apyui 4966511229827 CA

Apyui Multi Stand as ladle rest and pot lid holder

When cooking or eating hot pod, use this item to stand a pod lid. The saucer will be a plate for a ladle.

Apyui 4966511229841 GR

APYUI MULTI STAND as cook book stand

Hold a recipe book open.

Apyui 4966511229858 BL

Apyui Multi Stand with spices

Apyui as spice tray and storage cubby.


APYUI MULTI STAND is to stand a pot lid and chopsticks. Turn upside down or change the cube’s surface allow you to use it the other various ways.

Wash a PET bottle or caps and dry them on it.

Apyui 4966511229834 RD

Apyui Multi Stand components (left) saucer and (right) body

The saucer is made by rubber like material which helps itself to stay at a place.

Apyui 4966511229834 RD

Apyui Multi Stand Red

The saucer keeps drops of water.

Apyui 4966511229834 RD


Keep the countertop or table dry and clean with Apyui.

Hachiman-kasei Co. Ltd. is located in Gujo Hachiman, a town in the Sanshisuimei area of the Mino region of Gifu Prefecture in Japan.  They have been manufacturing and selling plastic products since 1965.

Based in an area blessed with a rich natural environment, Hachiman-kasei strives to develop products that enrich the soul, overflowing with originality and charm, but also with an awareness of current fashions.  The company’s raison d’être is to draw upon the expertise and technology developed over the years and through cooperation between production and sales divisions to make products that offer safety and comfort and are good for the environment.

“way-be” is conceived of as “a new paradigm for plastics”, though which we aim to design, produce, and offer minimalist, casual lifestyle goods made of plastic.

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